We invented the first wearable training device to practice feel and touch in sport. 

It will change the way you play and lift your performance to the next level.

Become the best athlete you can be

Sensu Glasses help improve your game on many levels with significant results even after your first sessions.

  • Train better: Improve the quality of your practice
  • Plan your success: Improve your shot planning
  • Succeed in your play: Instantly improve your shot execution
  • Feel more, feel better: Activate all your senses
  • Master your flow: Improve your intuition
  • Train what defines excellence: Become a feel player
  • Sharpen your focus: Improve your concentration
  • Expand your training: Establish a versatile game

Our device will take your motor learning to the next level.

How? We blindfold you at the precise moment in your movement that really counts: when your club, bat, raquet or foot connect with the ball or the ball leaves your hand.

I have tested SensuGlasses for several months with my players and they all have made remarkable progress with their game, especially in smoothness, balance, flow.
Gregor Tilch
I am so excited to see an innovation in golf that can revolutionise the way we train. And we as golfers are pioneers for many other sports.
Timo Schlitz
Golf Author and Journalist
Without the direct visual feedback and hence the unimpeded focus on exactly the aspect you want to work on, you can precisely focus on how the last swing felt. This might increase the learning curve tremendously when developing new skills.
Sebastian Rühl
Trainer Golf Team Germany

Taking away your most important sense to improve your game

In essence, Sensu Glasses shut down the athlete’s vision and expose them to the bare feeling of their movements in the split second their golf club impacts the golf ball. 

Since your sight – aka visual feedback – is blocked at impact by our glasses, your brain automatically directs its attention to your remaining senses.

Sight usually dominates your perception. Our device helps your brain to focus on your other senses and brings them all together as you hit the ball.

This additional feedback will be perceived with active awareness and used intentionally by the brain to improve the whole movement.

Go beyond seeing, start feeling


How do SensuGlasses work?

Normally, our eyes would naturally follow the path of the ball after we hit it. But by taking away the visual feedback in the moments we’d usually be judging the outcome of our swing, the brain automatically directs its attention towards our other working sensory feedback channels:

  • Kinaesthetic (perceived movement and acceleration of the body)
  • Proprioceptive (perceived orientation of the body and limbs)
  • Tactile (surface and pressure)
  • Balance

Our brains receive all of this multi-modal information from any movement, but our senses are dominated by our vision, and these other important feedback channels are often ignored. 

We’re building on the findings of numerous scientific studies which show that these additional sensory perceptions help to develop a better feel for any movement, because they are more intuitive (you know when something feels right), faster (because they are processed by the vestibular system, basically the spine), and are more accessible (they are stored as types of reflexes).

What is 'Feel' in Golf

Our brains unconsciously receive and process a lot more sensory information than visual information only. When preparing and executing movements, our sensorimotor system also  relies on feedback it receives from the tactile, proprioceptive and kinaesthetic sensorimotor system. The feel of the impact between club head and ball, the positioning of limbs to each other, the acceleration, timing and balance of our body: all are relevant information for precise motor performance. Often this phenomenon is referred to as ‘feel, flow, touch’ – or what we like to call ‘ball feel’.

Become a Feel Player

Ball feel can be practised and improved. But while we’re all born with the ability to focus on feel, we are not born with ball feel itself.

Not all players have a natural way to stay focused on feel and therefore never practices it. Players with great ball feel and great touch have and always had a natural way to focus on just that and thereby became outstanding in ball feel.


Improved shot planning through better feel

Planning is crucial for the quality of your shot. Every shot is different and special and should be planned with all that we’ve got.

Shot planning does not stop at thinking about where to hit the ball, nor does it stop at thinking about the ball’s flight.

Shot planning should also include building a sensation of what body motion, acceleration, timing, balance and impact will feel like when executing a certain special shot – no matter whether it is a standard shot from the middle of the fairway or a miracle shot you have to pull off from the middle of nowhere.

Sensu Glasses can teach you what a shot feels like with all of your senses so that you’re able to plan your game with everything you have.

Intuitive control and Inner Game

Sensu Glasses deliver an effective way to improve intuitive movements and achieve more fluid motion patterns, more flow and more energy in your shot.

The flow state derives from giving up control, trusting your instincts and feeling comfortably challenged.

To be able to play the inner game, you need to experience it with all senses and then practise it. The more senses involved, the clearer you will see – and play – with your inner eye.