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Improve Feel and Performance in Golf

We invented the first wearable training device for golf to practice feel and touch. It will change the way you play and bring your performance to the next level. How? We blindfold you at the precise moment of your swing that really counts: When your club impacts the ball. Pre-order your set of SensuGlasses via our Website



“I have had these glasses on over fifteen Tour players including a Major Champion and one of the World’s best short game players. The feedback has been quite incredible. It helped the players in so many different ways and was pretty amazing to see.”
Ian Godleman
PGA/LPGA/LET/ European Tour Coach
⁠”I use SensuGlasses for learning how to visualize the ball’s strike. It’s incredible how fast the players can relate with their body’s awareness to a realistic ball flight without seeing it. In combination with trail sweeping and visualization, they get a very high and accurate hit rate.”
Oliver Haumann
"I have tested SensuGlasses for several months with my players and they all have made remarkable progress with their game, especially in smoothness, balance, flow.”
Gregor Tilch
PGA Pro, Tilch Akademie

You either have it, or you don’t.

We oppose the general misconception that only some lucky players are born with ‘feel for the ball’ or a movement. What supposedly is an innate trait, can actually be learned with our elite training device.

Practice your Feel

Through targeted elimination of sight, right when you hit the ball, you will perceive your movement with unprecedented sensitivity. Adding feel and touch to your shot making will improve your game.

SensuSport SensuGlasses- Golf training device

SensuGlasses: The Effect

The LCD Glasses of our training device turn black the moment your club impacts the ball. Thereby blocking the visual feedback. Your brain automatically switches its conscious attention to ‘Feel’.

We are SensuSport

Sports psychologist Nils Buehring and his team of engineers invented SensuGlasses.

After months of development, the new training device already revolutionized the practice for PGA Pros and amateurs.

"I am so excited to see an innovation in golf that can revolutionize the way we train. And we as golfers are pioneers for many other sports.”
Timo Schlitz
Golf Journalist and Author
"I could see a difference in my athletes' swing from the first session on. The ability to train touch and feel, puts a whole new aspect  into training."
Arnar 'Addi' Olafsson
"The glasses are awesome. For me personally they are very useful, because I can feel more what the ball is doing, what’s happening on impact.. I look forward to be training more with them..."
Michael Hirmer
Golf Team Germany