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Three exercises for improved physical perception that will boost your Golf soft skills

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It’s that time of the year again: if you don’t live in a warm location with endless summers like the Emirates or Florida, you can’t just go out on the green and play. In Germany, we have to go to an Indoor Driving Range or switch to preparation exercises at the gym to keep up the golf momentum over winter. And still, you will notice the rust and dust of the winter break once you head back to the course in spring. One thing is the lack of practice, which you might compensate through indoor practice. The harder part are the soft skill aspects of your game.

How could you train something like feel and touch in dry run exercises? Good question!

We decided to come up with a little winter training series to improve and maintain your feel and body perception.

To make it a bit more playful you can challenge yourself to achieve the proposed duration of the static holds? Be patient, when you practice every day, you will get better at it quickly.

Also, you may want to ask your coach how good he/she is at it! For a (PGA) Pro, it should do be an easy job, right?

1. Static hold single leg stance

The exercise might appear as quite simple, but it comes with a little twist.

SensuSport Blog

Stand on one leg and angle the other 90º. Find a reference point in your straight line of sight. Stay in static hold for 20 seconds.

Variation: When you start the exercise try to focus on the different sections of your stabilizing leg:

  1. The contact to the floor: 20 sec
  2. Your ankle: 20 sec
  3. The straight knee: 20 sec
  4. Your hip position: 20 sec

With the focus on the several body parts and your increased awareness you train your feel for balance, posture, kinesthetics, or taction. Additionally, this trains your attention and your concentration.

Repeat the exercise with 25 sec and 30 sec duration.

2. One legged stance with closed eyes

So far so good!

With this exercise, you tried to focus on your feel in several parts of your body. The next step will double this effect, but it’s also getting more difficult. Make sure you don’t fall.

Stand on one Leg, angle the other as before but now with closed eyes. Hold for 20 seconds (or try). Tip: Remember your focal point even without sight.

Variation: Follow the same focus exercise as before (floor contact/ankle/knee/hips).

Try to hold for 20/25/30seconds.


SensuSport Blog
SensuSport Blog

3. Single leg stance, on soft ground

Angle one leg with closed eyes on a pillow (20/25/30sec). This will intensify the balance work of the smaller muscles in your joints.

Repeat the exercise always with the focus on the different body sections.

What was your best exercise? How long could you hold it? Did you notice an immediate improvement? Leave a comment below.