The First Strike – Rheingolf 2019

As a startup, there is a first time every week. The first tradeshow, however, is really something special.

A few months back we have decided to put down some investment for the Rheingolf, one of Germany’s biggest trade shows for Golf. Not only the amazing support by the organizers, but also their excitement about having the latest innovation in golf premiering at the Duesseldorf event convinced us to take on that 6h drive.

We setup up the day before, and things went smoothly. For our Range box, we knew all what people want is test the SensuGlasses. Special Thanks to Trackman Germany for providing the radar system, that would help us analyze Feel vs. Real for irons and woods.

Friday morning, doors opened and from that moment on, we seemed to be in a constant state of happy siege for the rest of the three days. The tremendous interest and curiosity attracted even more crowds and we had to ask visitors to wait in line.

From the leisure golfer to expert level and especially golf pros we had more that 160 people get their grip on their feel. For some, it was the first time they could actually perceive their shot in such an intense way.

Especially coaches highlighted how useful the tool will be in their training. It is the first time they would be able to teach feel and touch systematically. What often is hard to describe, some coaches pinpointed clearly with statements such as:

Finally, I will have them actively engage with their body awareness.

I see most value in training putting and chipping, because here you need to rely the most on intuition and sensitive touch.

Just WOW.

When can we order?

NOW! Here.

Fantastic tool to complement technique and athletics training.

First time I can tell my students to feel the difference.

Thanks to all the visitors, all the participants in our prize draw, all the valuable new contacts made, media reps, future partners, and to the organizing team. We’ll be back!