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Are you a PGA Pro or a Golf coach? ✔

Or perhaps an ermerging athlete? ✔

We are continuously looking for golf coaches, pros and players of various levels to test our SensuGlasses.

To further improve SensuGlasses, we established an invitation-only product testing program whose participants are invited to test and review our SensuGlasses.
The golf training device will be provided for free as a temporary loan and needs to be returned after the testing period (exceptions may apply).
The exact period and duration of the program (usually 14 days) will be communicated once the selection process is concluded. 
To express your interest in the next testing round please fill out the form below and make sure to follow us on social media for demo events and product updates.
For further information please contact

"I could see a difference in my athletes' swing from the first session on. The ability to train touch and feel, puts a whole new aspect into training."
Arnar 'Addi' Olafsson
"Without the direct visual feedback and hence the unimpeded focus on exactly the aspect you want to work on, you can precisely focus on how the last swing felt. This might increase the learning curve tremendously when developing new skills."
Sebastian Ruehl
Sebastian Rühl
Coach Golf Team Germany
"I have tested SensuGlasses for several months with my players and they all have made remarkable progress with their game, especially in smoothness, balance, flow.”
Gregor Tilch
PGA Pro, Tilch Akademie