Become the best athlete you can be

We invented the first wearable training device for golf to practice feel and touch. It will change the way you play and bring your performance to the next level


Sensu Glasses help improve your game on many levels with significant results
already after your first sessions.

Feel and touch define excellence

You either have it, or you don't? Our training device supports every player in focusing on feel and thereby being able to improve ball feel and in the long run becoming a feel player.

Plan the perfect shot, consciously

Learn what the ideal shot feels like. Involve all your senses to be able to plan your shots with multi-sensory information. Every shot is different and should be planned with all we’ve got.

Improve the quality of your training

Quality over quantity! Deliberate practice is what makes you better. Become more aware of your body, swing, and feedback from the ball and club at impact.

How? We blindfold you at the precise moment of your swing that really counts: When your club impacts the ball.

"I have tested SensuGlasses for several months with my players and they all have made remarkable progress with their game, especially in smoothness, balance, flow.”
Gregor Tilch
PGA Pro, Tilch Akademie
"Without the direct visual feedback and hence the unimpeded focus on exactly the aspect you want to work on, you can precisely focus on how the last swing felt. This might increase the learning curve tremendously when developing new skills."
Sebastian Ruehl
Trainer National Team

Go beyond seeing, start feeling

Once the shutter glasses go black the mind can no longer rely on visual feedback. Therefore, it will
 focus on tactile ( e.g. pressure), proprioceptive (position), kinesthetic (movement), and vestibular (balance) sensory perception.


The sensory systems of 'feel'


Feel the club impacting the ball or the pressure of your grip. Tactile feedback involves pressure, surface characteristics, temperature.


Become aware of your body posture during impact and finish of your shot. Proprioceptive information is about the position of your limbs transmitted by  receptors in your joints.


Experience the motion and acceleration during shot making. Kinesthetic sensory information covers all movement, sense of speed and acceleration of your body.


Also known as balance. The dedicated sensory organ sits in our ears and  coordinates movement with balance and informs you about spatial orientation.

Something all good players seem to have in common is feel and touch. How many times have
we been told that this is something you either have or you don’t?
We’re here to tell them that they’re wrong.
Exceptional players have and always had a natural way to focus on the feel for a movement
and thereby develop superior feel and touch .


"I am so excited to see an innovation in golf that can revolutionize the way we train. And we as golfers are pioneers for many other sports.”
Timo Schlitz
Golf Journalist and Author
"I could see a difference in my athletes' swing from the first session on. The ability to train feel and touch, puts a whole new aspect  into training."
Arnar 'Addi' Olafsson
"The glasses are awesome. For me personally they are very useful, because I can feel more what the ball is doing, what’s happening on impact.. I look forward to be training more with them..."
Michael Hirmer
Golf Team Germany

Our sensori-motor training device enables you to train fell and touch in putting, chipping, bunker and long game.

How do SensuGlasses work?

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the first generation of SensuGlasses comes with active LCD shutter glasses. Our super light frame design has enough flex to provide a comfortable but tight fit. The base mount can cater for all terrains, a tripod foot as an all-around solution or optional pin for rough conditions. With our wireless sensor unit, we integrated a smart shot detection, which can be adjusted for short and long game training. Non-stop training time 10h.

The SensuGlasses G1 can be pre-ordered right now.

Cutting edge 3D printing technology enables us to deliver the first products in May 2019.

If you want to be among the training pioneers, please send us an expression of interest. We will contact you to discuss further details.