Sensu Training Series – Putting Level 1 – Exercise 1

SensuGlasses Training Series - Golf training device - Putting Level 1 Exercise 1

We developed a training program, which helps you to work on your feel and touch. With only a few training sessions a week, we promise that you will improve your game.  This revolutionary training approach is scientifically proven. Take your time to develop your feel and touch and go through the training sessions step by step. You decide whether to move on or to stick to the training session for a while.


Before you start... 

There is no wrong or right in feel. It is much more about good and bad, and strong or slight.

These exercises are not intended to teach you how to putt, how to address the ball, how to move your putter, your body. All these aspects are part of your training with your golf professionals or shall be left to your own intuition.

The following exercises are intended to help you focus on and improve feel. Feel for the ball, feel for your balance, and feel for your swing. And in feel, there is no right or wrong.

Again: there is only what feels good to you, and what does not feel good to you. But: what feels good to you might change over time. So don‘t be too obsessed with how your swing has to feel.

Be open for changes. Don‘t try to get it done quickly.

Developing feel is a life long journey. And the more open you are to it, the more fun and inspiring this journey is going to be.

Be aware that you unconsciously have been practicing feel all your life. But now it is time to bring all those skills to your consciousness.
No matter how good you are already, don‘t hesitate to start with level 1. „Back to the Basics“ is something you already know from practice and is always worth it. From there on, you decide how quickly you advance to the next levels.
You don’t need to follow the levels exercise by exercise. Although our experts suggest it as a good way to build up feel over time.

Some exercises might suit your game more than others. We challenge you to not only practice what you like.

Don’t forget to occasionally repeat levels you have already finished to keep practicing the basics-Please contact your teaching professional or us for personalized instructions.

Learn to shift focus from sight to feel 

In Level 1, we want you to rediscover your ability to focus on feel. There is more than one “feel”, though. Within the 7 exercises you will vary your focus between feel for the impact and feel for the movement. There is no better or worse feel focus. You will have to decide for yourself, which focus suits your personality and your game the most. But stay open to all feel foci as you might become best at one, that you did not prefer in the beginning.

Putting I Level 1 I Exercise 1 


Take 3 to 5 Balls and find a free Spot on the practice green leaving room for putts from 4 to 30 feet. In this exercise, do not put towards a hole. In Exercise 1, it is not about making a good putt or hitting the ball perfectly every time. Focus on what the impact feels like. Focus on what the sweet spot of your putter feels like as well as what an off-center hit feels like.

Switch on your SensuGlasses and Detector
place the Detector on Putting green leaving room for a putt off 6 to 9 feet (2 to 3 meters)
Put on your SensuGlasses
Place Ball approx. ½ foot / 15 cm in front of the Detector

  • A) Hit 5 soft putts using your SensuGlasses to
    4 to 6 feet (1,5 to 2 meters)
    Only focus on what the impact feels like.


  • B) Switch off your SensuGlasses.
    Hit 1 soft putt not using your SensuGlasses to approx. 4 to 6 feet (1,5 to 2 meters)

Repeat AB to a total of 5 rounds
Repeat 5 rounds for medium putts to approx. 15 feet (5 meters)
Repeat 5 rounds for hard putts to approx. 30 feet (10 meters)

Learning Takeaway 

What do my putter and my ball feel like. Center and off-center. Soft, medium and hard putts? What is different with/without SensuGlasses?


For testing inquiries please click here or email us to testing@sensusport.com⁣