10 New Years Resolutions to Boost Your Game


A new year means a new chance, to become the  person you want to be. At least in Golf we can dare to give some recommendations.

Speaking of #NYresolutions…

Every year it’s pretty much the same. We have the best intentions for the fresh year but often enough we continue as usual without any changes or see them fade within a few weeks. You are not alone! Close to 80% of people dismiss their New Year’s resolutions in the first six weeks.

We try to give you some useful advice for your resolutions to make you achieve a little bit more.

Easy things first

1)    Stick to one swing thought during a round

How many swing thoughts did you have during your last swing? Try to stick to one swing thought during a round. This might be achievable and improves your game automatically. Here are some brilliant swing thoughts collected by Golf Digest.

2)    Take at least one lesson to improve your greatest weakness

Almost everybody has it, the ONE weakness, that you probably ignore successfully since years. Stop it now, be bold and stand up to your weakness. There is nothing to lose, you can just win. Even bad weather is longer an excuse, buy foam balls, practice dry swings without golf balls in your garage. The possibilities are endless.

3)    Make notes of your round

You want to make notes of your game, but it’s way too much effort to have pen and paper with you? Let’s be honest, since Siri came into our lives this is no longer an excuse!

The Ambitious

4)    Lowering your handicap

The question is by how much? If you’re over-ambitious you might be discouraged by the goal. Going too low, you might not reach your full potential and be content with reaching your goal. There is no right or wrong. You probably simply need to figure out which type you are.

Option 1: Go harder: Set the goal higher than your realistic goal. If want to lower your handicap from 13 to 9 realistically, take 7 as your personal goal. You can do better!

Option 2: Over-achiever: If this is too depressing for you the second option might be the better way for you. Adjust your goal to 11 or 12 and be more than glad if you archive 10 or even better 9.


5)    Book a golf trip

You want to practice more? Why not combine business with pleasure by going on an enjoyable golf trip? Nothing is more positively connoted than a vacation. Try to link this to your training and you will get a really nice side effect of positive thinking. So, you improve your mental game as well. BTW, here you might find some inspiration for the cold season.

6)    Be more consistent

Improve the quality of your practice. This is hard, we all know it but our SensuGlasses might help you with this resolution. By training with the glasses on one point you will be able to memorize the feel of a good shot execution and to repeat this whenever you want e.g. sneaky office putting practice. And you also add some variation to your training.

7)    Improve your mental game

We all know it when your mental game gets stronger, your overall performance improves, too. But why is it so hard to be calm, self-confident, and goal-oriented regardless of the circumstances? Most strikingly, because we are not training our mental strength as we do for our physical strength. Here are some great strategies used by Olympians. If you want to read more on mental toughness go ahead.

Out of my league - Advanced


8)    Enter a golf competition

Done with participating in the club competition of the next city tournament. Catapult yourself out of the comfort zone and grow into the challenge. (If need be, trick your weaker self with a friends’ bet). With every experience, we get more knowledge about ourselves and reach new limits. Even when winning the competition might seem unlikely, start challenging yourself. And one thing is certain, you will never win a tournament that you didn’t participate in.

9)    Train at least twice times a week

Sure thing… making time is our biggest struggle. If you’re not a high listed Tour player you probably have a job, have a family and a social life – we all do. Sometimes it’s tough to motivate yourself to go to the course or driving range more than once a week after work. But there is one simple rule we have to follow. Nothing of worth comes for free. With more training you get better, when you get better you are more motivated. Enter the upwards un-vicious circle.

10)    Hole in one or Scratch

Probably you need to try and try, try again, and try harder. There’s nothing more to say about it.

Or listen to this 😉

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