Maiden voyage to Portugal


On the brink of the old year  Christmas came early for the SensuSport Team.

The first models of our SensuGlasses arrived hot off the press. Wired, assembled, charged, ready to perform.

This meant that co-founder Nils was right on time to visit the Golf Team Germany at their training camp in Portugal. He was invited to run an exclusive demo session with their men’s and girls’ elite. We couldn’t be happier and more excited: SensuGlasses’ maiden voyage to be tested by the best of the country.

Nils jumped on the first flight to Faro, his suitcase packed with the first ever models of the novel training tool. In a nutshell, the innovative shutter glasses go black upon impact, therefore blocking the athlete’s vision. Otherwise disregarded sensory information about movement and ball contact is perceived with unseen awareness and sensibility.

Feel and touch for anyone

“Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen, this could be a real game changer for coaching” says Sebastian Ruehl on his Instagram shortly after.

Hurly Long from Team Germany reports that after one training unit, he could feel and perceive his movements with more sensitivity and awareness. This enables him to train aspects he hasn’t yet focused on and couldn’t have accessed before.


Boost your confidence

National Coach Uli Eckhardt and his coaching team are excited to see a new tool on the market, that complements classic, technique-focused training methods to empower the Feel Game.

Nils adds to the conversation: Especially in high-pressure situations, it has great benefits to be able to rely on your feel for the ball and your movement. It boosts confidence and provides a piece of mind, that tournament players wish to possess under all circumstances.

We cannot wait to present the SensuGlasses to more teams globally.

If you are interested in a demo session, please get in touch with us

We will announce upcoming demo sessions via our website and social media. Find us @sensusport

If you happen to be in Germany, come visit us at Rheingolf Range 3, Tee 6 to experience the SensuGlasses.