SensuSport @ FitTech Summit 2019

SensuSport Fittech Summit

Early June we were selected to partake in the highly acclaimed FitTech Summit 2019.

We made our way to the finals of the Pitch Competition, were defeated in a tight Burpee challenge (don’t do this in the field of fitness junkies), and had non-stop visitors at our booth to experience the SensuGlasses.

The odd finalist

When we first applied for the StartUp track at the FitTech Summit 2019, we didn’t see SensuSport in the fitness context however, we must have convinced the jury through our versatile training approach, the digital component (the SensuApp is in the making – stay tuned), and the impressive feedback we have gathered.

In great company

The StartUp competition featured only brilliant sports, nutrition, fitness and platform companies of different stages. We congratulate all the participants for an outstanding performance. Vasper, Mindshine, Nambaya, YFood, Uvisio and many more…

Sweat proof team

The jury was hard to please and could only be won over by wholehearted team effort on stage. While co-founder Nils brilliantly convinced jurors and audience, CMO Luise was cycling to beat the time. We made it among the finalists and burned the last bit of energy of this jam-packed day during the burpee challenge.

A successful day

Compared to Rheingolf we had a much broader audience this time. Countless people came to get the feel for a putt, golfer or not. The effect was striking.


“You really feel the difference from the beginning on and after 2 or 3 I could clearly tell how good the shot was” told us a former golf professional.

Huge thank you to all the visitors, the excellent organizing team, the valuable new connections we made, media reps, future partners.