Far and furious – Hungarian Hulk testing SensuGlasses

We had the chance to have a great training session with German Long Drive Champion Robin Horvath aka Hungarian Hulk. 

Long Drive is (kind of) the ski jumping is for alpinists just in golf: out of range. This special discipline is all about power, strength, speed and all of this to the max. Just to be clear here: the goal is to hit the ball as far as possible. Robin Horvath explained to us, how he approached this power discipline also from a sport science perspective to maximize his performance. 

“I always thought I needed to gain 100kg body weight to have the power to win.” It turns out the smartness and feel are crucial to the champion, both in training and competition. 

Watch the exclusive interview here. And make sure to follow the Hungarian Hulk on his exciting journey @hugarian_hulk

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Co-founder Nils Buehring talking all things feel and performance with the Long Drive Champion