This is why you could be so much more with SensuGlasses.

On Monday, Lee Duck-hee became the first deaf player to win an ATP match, facing Henri Laaksonen in Winston-Salem. This is how it works: When asked how he copes with his impairment, he replied with a relativizing view – deaf people are more visually inclined than others, and it should be viewed as an advantage […]


10 New Years Resolutions to Boost Your Game

A new year means a new chance, to become the  person you want to be. At least in Golf we can dare to give some recommendations. Speaking of #NYresolutions… Every year it’s pretty much the same. We have the best intentions for the fresh year but often enough we continue as usual without any changes […]

What is sensori-motor learning?

Adjective: Physiology (of nerves or their actions) having or involving both sensory and motor functions or pathways. After reading the proposed example sentences, we realize this is a scientific rabbit hole. We are looking for an explanation that can be understood without a degree in physiology.


What is Feel and Touch in Golf?

Feel: the secret to success

Golfers talk ‘Feel and Touch’ a lot. Mainly when they think they’ve lost it. Some say, either you have it or you don’t. And almost without exception, we see the best of the best all have it. The good news is, more and more argue, that feel and touch can be practiced.

Take the lead and use all your senses!

Have you ever closed your eyes and tried to walk on a line without struggling? That insecurity is due to our disregarded senses. We want to show you why it is so important to rely on all your senses more often and how you can improve your game through this.