Demo Sessions at the Grand Final

SensuGlasses demo sessions during the training days 4th to 6th November 2019 at the Club de Golf Alcanada. Road to Mallorca – Challenge Tour Grand Final

SensuSport Fittech Summit

SensuSport @ FitTech Summit 2019

Early June we were selected to partake in the highly acclaimed FitTech Summit 2019. We made our way to the finals of the Pitch Competition, were defeated in a tight Burpee challenge (don’t do this in the field of fitness junkies), and had non-stop visitors at our booth to experience the SensuGlasses. The odd finalist […]

The First Strike – Rheingolf 2019

As a startup, there is a first time every week. The first tradeshow, however, is really something special. A few months back we have decided to put down some investment for the Rheingolf, one of Germany’s biggest trade shows for Golf. Not only the amazing support by the organizers, but also their excitement about having […]

6 Wisdom quotes that will improve your mental game.

Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind. (Arnold Palmer, Golf legend) – Arnold Palmer should know. We strongly advocate for a well-balanced physical and mental training. You can’t win without one or the other. If your technique fails, you won’t turn the tide with positive thoughts. A well-trained focus and intuitive play, however, will make you fail-safe on both sides.

What is sensori-motor learning?

Adjective: Physiology (of nerves or their actions) having or involving both sensory and motor functions or pathways. After reading the proposed example sentences, we realize this is a scientific rabbit hole. We are looking for an explanation that can be understood without a degree in physiology.